Over the weekend I had a chance to stop by a nearby pond at Carousel Park. I was mainly observing as we wait for the fall season and the bass weren’t biting.  So I decided to try and use up some worms that I had and at least catch a few bluegill to pass the time. After catching a few small bluegill, I saw a few big catfish swimming up towards my bait. I stayed patient and eventually caught a couple.

I never knew there were catfish in this pond, but they seem to be hitting now. For bait, I was rigged up for panfish (hook and bobber) and was using Worms…and believe it or not, pepperoni. I would not recommend the pepperoni as a goto bait, as it did not hold up well. I was using it because I was out of worms by this time and its what I had on me. However I did catch the biggest catfish of the day on it.

The best time to fish at Carousel Park right now, no matter what you are fishing for, seems to be early morning and about an hour before sunset.

Fish On!