In our previous post we were telling you about the catfish we had been catching at the big pond in Carousel Farm park. We went back for round two last night and had a great time and we didn’t catch one catfish! We did see a few getting caught but more on that in a minute.

DNREC has done an amazing job clearing brush from the end of the pond closest to the Dam. You can walk freely right in to the hard to reach spots and cast without worrying about being tangled in the brush.

I started the day on that end of the pond. I must have gotten there right after the mowing had stopped because nothing was biting, not even turtles! I could see no fish anywhere I normally see them on this end. I even tried briefly to catch bluegill, and none were to be found. So I decided to move on up the treeline.

Shooting from the trees is pretty difficult at this point in the summer. Anything that can become overgrown has, but there are a few spots you can ‘flip-n-chip’ into. I was getting some hits, but no takers.

I was about up to the dog park, when I met a guy trying out his new rod. He was fishing about 20 feet down from me. After about 5 minutes he had his first bass.

I am not one to get jealous, but I do learn form example, so I did take a look at the lure he was using. It was simply a wacky rigged senko worm. I had been trying every combination I had, but that, all day. I decided I should probably give it a try. Not two casts later and I had my first bass for the day.  And then I caught a couple more.

As I was getting ready to leave, I saw a man and his kids fishing near the dog park. They were reeling them in right and left. I watched them reel in one of the biggest catfishes I have ever seen pulled out of there. They were using live bait, shiners and crayfish, casting deep, almost like surf fishing, but with a heavy bobber.

I will have to give that a try next time!

Fish On!